Intelligent Applications

Enabling a Pathway
to High-quality Ultrasound Diagnosis
for Women

Like a sword in a swordsman's hand, medical imaging equipment is a sharp weapon for healthcare professionals to explore lesions and identify diseases. In the world of Kong Fu, speed rules. However, in ultrasound diagnosis, a cascade of complex workflows has hindered imaging experts' speed in drawing their swords.

With the development of society and the rising concerns of women's health issues, more and more women are aware of the importance of receiving regular OB/GYN ultrasound examinations. The growing demand for ultrasound examinations has undoubtedly launched a new challenge for sonographers, not to mention the demand has been increasingly segmented. To simplify the process and let more women enjoy high-quality ultrasound diagnostic services, Mindray dedicates to innovate and proposes a full stack of intelligent solutions for women and children's healthcare powered by zone intelligence. We hope to empower sonographers with a "magic weapon" to meet multiple examination scenarios from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum recovery to neonates, further guarding their health.

Full Stack of Intelligent Solution for Women and Children’s Healthcare Powered by Zone Intelligence

Pre-pregnancy :
efficient quantification
for endometrium

In recent years, female infertility rates have increased, and women are at increased risk of reproductive system diseases and tumors due to changes in lifestyle habits, environmental pollution, and physical disorders. The role of ultrasound in the gynecological examination is irreplaceable, especially for preconception scenarios. However, regular ultrasound examinations are tedious and time-consuming, relying heavily on manual adjustment.

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of gynecological ultrasound diagnosis, making early diagnosis of reproductive disorders and tumors more accessible, Mindray has developed a series of intelligent solutions to help doctors make an efficient clinical diagnosis for follicular and uterine ultrasound examinations. Responding to endometrial receptivity examination needs, Smart ERA, the industry's first fully automated endometrial receptivity analysis tool developed by us, enables 3D automatic endometrial imaging even for different types structures. It supports automatic measurement of endometrial volume and thickness as well as endometrial blood flow index. The streamlined operation process significantly improves examination consistency and diagnostic efficiency, allowing sonographers to handle pre-pregnancy evaluation with more confidence and ease.

Pregnancy :
precise fetal brain analysis

During pregnancy, ultrasound is the direct way for mothers to know the fetus's life in the womb: how the child is growing, whether the body is developing, and whether the placenta and amniotic fluid are in good condition, all of which affect the mother's heart.

However, the low efficiency of ultrasound examination of the fetus has bothered sonographers for a long time due to the various sites and measurements. 3D/4D ultrasound examination attaches great importance to ultrasonic fetus diagnosis, which can provide doctors with the spatial location of structures in more detail. However, fetal changing position and motion, complicated parameter adjustment, and cumbersome operational steps significantly affect the quality and efficiency. How to enhance the consistency and repeatability of 3D ultrasound examination to get an accurate diagnosis is what we have been thinking for a long time.

To reduce the user dependency and enhance diagnosis efficiency, Mindray has developed an innovative clinical scenario-based 3D/4D interaction for typical clinical scenarios of 3D ultrasound examinations like the fetal skull, face, spine, and long bones, which enables intelligent scene identification, intelligent imaging optimization, intelligent planes acquisition and intelligent quantification with just one click. It truly realizes an automatic workflow throughout the procedure, bringing strong diagnostic confidence for better patient care.

Postpartum recovery :
proprietary PF solutions

In the past, the pelvic floor health issue of postpartum women has not raised enough awareness. Many people even mistakenly believe that pelvic floor disorders (PFD) such as organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain are "normal" syndromes with childbirth or aging. Ultrasound diagnosis helps to recognize and accurately assess the health of the female pelvic floor.

The assessment of the location and morphology of the whole pelvic tissue structures,and the levator hiatus are the main focus in ultrasound pelvic floor examination. However, the traditional manual operation is both time-consuming and operator-dependent, and inexperienced sonographers often have difficulties in localization. Meanwhile, the inefficient scanning process may double patients' embarrassment and discomfort. With the rising awareness of women's pelvic floor health, it is foreseeable that there exists a growing demand for ultrasound pelvic floor examinations. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a more accurate, efficient, and easy-to-use ultrasound pelvic floor diagnostic method.

To help sonographers quickly obtain standardized sections and measurements in complex pelvic floor examinations and improve diagnostic efficiency, Mindray has developed Smart Pelvic, an intelligent pelvic floor ultrasound solution. It can automatically obtain full pelvic measurements and offer intelligent 3D imaging of levator hiatus, along with measurements of the longitudinal diameter, transverse diameter, levator hiatus area, and the size of the levator urethra gap. Sonographers can get comprehensive clinical data for accurate assessment in a few simple interactions, only 1/3 time consumed of traditional examinations. Besides, Mindray offers three primary industrial standards that support different types of probes and empower standardized operation.

 Smart Pelvic

Based on in-depth clinical data analysis and front and back-end image optimization, we have innovated a full stack of intelligent solutions for women and children's healthcare to streamline the process and enhance ultrasound scanning accuracy, improving the diagnosis with efficiency. Simultaneously, with the clinical scenario as the guide, we design the product from the clinicians' point of view to meet the one-click switching and one-click imaging for multi-scene scanning, making it easier to operate. Together with ultrasound experts, we are committed to bringing brilliant solutions to caregivers so that more and more women and children worldwide can enjoy high-quality ultrasound care.