Accessible Healthcare at Every Corner of the World

Mindray takes its responsibility as a positive global corporate citizen to heart. As a worldwide provider of medical solutions, Mindray has made important charitable contributions to those most in need in the form of fundamental medical care and support. In such way, Mindray shares its medical technologies with the world, through both equipment and training, with humanitarian aid efforts for epidemics and disaster relief, and special projects such as congenital heart defect screening that bring vital medical care to communities in the remotest parts of the world.

In recent years, Mindray has mobilized global resources and efforts to donate medical devices to many developing countries. Mindray also supports education at the grassroots level by establishing Hope Schools for children in China's rural areas to stimulate growth in communities from the ground up.

Promoting Public Health

In Action to Combat COVID-19
around the Globe

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Mindray has been at the forefront of this battle. It has been ramping up production capacity, supplying the much-needed medical equipment to the hardest-hit areas in China and abroad, and working with medical professionals to spread frontline experience and knowledge through live webinars.

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AED Promotion Program
across the Globe

To provide cardiac arrest patients with better emergency treatment, Mindray has been promoting AED across the globe. As of now, we have equipped more than 50% of China’s large-scale airports with the device and donated AEDs worthy of 40 million RMB to the world. Also, Mindray has been collaborating with health organizations to promote awareness and training of emergency rescue skills to the public. The program is saving people’s lives at this very moment.

Improving Primary Healthcare
in China

Mindray has been supporting primary healthcare in urban communities and rural townships across China. Over the years, we have greatly improved the facilities in primary healthcare institutions by donating medical devices. In addition, Mindray helped to establish training centers for primary medical personnel, which enhanced the quality of care in cities and villages nationwide.

Sharing Technology
with the World

Medical Simulation Center
in Shanghai

Mindray collaborated with Ruijin Hospital to establish a 3,200-square-meter Medical Simulation Center in Shanghai that features the major functionalities of a hospital, including operating rooms, ICUs, standardized wards, and a wide variety of clinics. The simulation center helps medical professionals hone their skills with hands-on practices and expand their clinical knowledge base.

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Backing the Panda Protectors
in Chengdu

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding proactively engages in giant panda conservation work to improve their breeding success and increase their wild population. Mindray worked closely with the Panda Base to co-develop a custom version of our hematology analyzer to help them perform blood tests on the pandas, which contributes to the healthcare and breeding of these national treasures of China.

Safeguarding Global Biodiversity
in Africa

Now around 20,000 southern white rhinoceros and northern white rhinoceros are living on the planet. To save the endangered animals, Mindray cooperates with the NGO by providing Mindray M7Vet ultrasound solution for IVF. On May 14th, 2019, the oocyte retrieval for a female white rhinoceros was successfully conducted as an attempt to protect global biodiversity.

Committed to Communities

Supporting Education
in Rural China

Good healthcare is fundamental to the well-being of society. Good education shares the same importance. Mindray has sponsored many Hope Schools across the country, which provide support to disadvantaged rural communities with inadequate or remote school facilities. Besides, Mindray has set an education fund to provide donations and scholarships, so children from low-income families can also receive proper education.

MSF’s Free Clinic Project
in Africa

The lack of necessary medical facilities and skilled health workers is a significant burden to healthcare in Africa. For years, international humanitarian medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières has been running free clinics for patients in Africa. Mindray supports MSF by offering essential medical devices to help relieve the burden across the continent.

ASE’s Exclusive Corporate Sponsor
in Vietnam

As the largest global organization for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, the American Society of Echocardiography aims to improve the practice of ultrasound and imaging of the heart and cardiovascular system for better patient outcomes. As a leading ultrasound solution provider, Mindray joined ASE’s humanitarian mission in Vietnam, and has been cooperating closely with professional associations and local hospitals to provide local medical communities with easy-to-use ultrasound solutions and clinical training.

Empowering Medical Talents

Asia Medical Week
in Shanghai and Yogyakarta

Since 2018, Mindray has been collaborating with Zhongshan Hospital at the Asia Medical Week, an annual academic event promoting medical communication and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. As a supporter of the forum, Mindray contributed to the establishment of this alliance and will continue to create more opportunities for global exchanges and cooperation in healthcare.

Year-Around CME Programs
in India

The shortage of health professionals remains a significant challenge in India today. This resulted in a large number of patients not having access to healthcare. In 2019, Mindray held over 100 workshops and seminars for a total of 8,000 participants in India. These young talents will become more skillful and deliver quality healthcare service to patients across the country.

Education Platform at the FAR School
in Russia

The Federation of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists unites approximately 60 regional organizations across Russia. Mindray has been collaborating with the FAR School to organize medical talks, seminars, and workshops in the anesthesia and radiology fields. Through this education platform, Mindray facilitates professional communications and the exchanges of medical insights in Russia.