For the Patients Behind the Samples

Dr. Anil Handoo,
Senior Director of Laboratory and Research at BLK Super Speciality Hospital


“More than 20 years ago, I did an internship treating patients with blood diseases. That was when I found my lifelong vocation. "

Fascinated by the rich information provided by blood analysis diagnostics at the beginning of his medical career, Dr. Anil Handoo decided to dedicate himself to this field. The guidance and inspiring examples of mentors and fellow scholars shaped his leadership style. "Everyone in my team is incredibly passionate. They are great team players who work together to tackle difficulties. We are a strong troop." Dr. Tina Dadu in Dr. Handoo’s team is the chief hematology and molecular bio pathology consultant at BLK Hospital. She had the same fascination when she started her medical journey. "When I graduated from medical school in 2002, I knew hematology was my choice." Later, Dr. Dadu finished her doctorate in hematology and worked for a year as a hematologic researcher at the University of Florida. "I have cured numerous patients over the years with diagnostic data-based treatment plans."

image 1: Dr. Dadu at a hematology talk held by Mindray India

"We believe that behind every sample is a patient. That's why we place great importance on each of them. "

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BLK Super Speciality Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Delhi. It is home to the busiest hematology laboratory and the largest marrow transplant center in India. Dr. Handoo and Dadu witnessed the development of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) technology and equipment in India during their time at the hospital. India is a highly competitive, tempting market for domestic and international medical device companies. It took time for Mindray to build brand recognition there.

Dr. Handoo recalled, "My first encounter with Mindray was an industry event organized by Mindray in India 12 years ago. At that time, I had reservations about this new brand." Later, he was invited to join a dengue research project initiated by Mindray in India and gave keynote presentations at industry exchange events held by Mindray, which deepened his understanding and trust in Mindray. This was similar to Dr. Dadu's first impression of Mindray. "But when I first used Mindray's hematology analyzer, my experience told me this product would significantly improve our work efficiency and results."

Labs with Mindray devices are benefitting from innovations in automation. Smaller modular devices with smarter systems improve analysis efficiency and credibility for lab staff. Unlike independent medical labs, in-house labs of hospitals not only provide analytical data but also give diagnostic results with a comprehensive view of patient data, including lab data and clinical data. "In the past, we had quite a few cases of misdiagnosis, sometimes as serious as frequent cancer diagnoses." Besides, labs not only need to deliver quality and quantity. They need to deliver them efficiently. Most test results need to be ready within two hours the same day. That's why IVD is never just about data. It's about the treatment options and hopes of each patient. Sharing the vision of caring for life, the Mindray India team provided strong hardware and software support for BLK Hospital. Dr. Handoo took CAL8000 as an example. This device analyzes 400 samples each hour, making their workflow much easier. The automated system integrates multiple analytic dimensions and reduces human intervention, so that valuable resources can be put into more important research work.

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image 2 to image 4: Dr. Handoo and his team frequently cooperate with Mindray in academic exchange activities in the discipline of hematology to empower more laboratory medical staff

"COVID-19 drew more attention and investment to healthcare. We can foresee deeper ties with Mindray in the future. "

Just like medical practitioners in other parts of the world, BLK Hospital and Dr. Handoo’s team went through great challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories of medical practitioners fighting on the front line while their family and friends were infected or died of the disease touched and encouraged the medical community. At the same time, the pandemic led to populous countries like India strengthening its investment in the health sector, especially preventive healthcare, where Mindray's devices provide low-cost, high-efficiency access to testing. BLK Hospital and Mindray have jointly organized CUBE, a hematology summit, for three consecutive years, which has considerable influence on the Indian medical sector. In view of successful cooperation in the past, Dr. Handoo’s team sees the Mindray India team as an important partner for clinical practice and research. They look forward to benefitting more patients with their joint concerted efforts.

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image 5, image 6: BLK Super Speciality Hospital, located in New Delhi, is one of the most revered general hospitals in India. Mindray has cooperated with BLK for more than ten years and provided better care for Indian patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.