Glimmering Life across Thousands of Miles

Buendia Israel,
Product Line Sales Supervisor of PMLS, Mindray Mexico

Alberto Borrego,
Operations Team, Mindray Mexico


"I was deeply touched by the gratitude from medical staff and patients. "

Buendia Israel,
Product Line Sales Manager of PMLS, Mindray Mexico

Mexico City is more than 14,000 kilometers away from Shenzhen, Mindray’s headquarters. There are no direct flights and it takes more than 20 hours after transfers. Mindray's Mexican branch was established there 14 years ago. Buendia Israel, once a Medical Technical Engineer and current Product Line Sales Manager of PMLS, finds out that the fast-paced work, growth through continuous learning, results-oriented team style, and the enterprising atmosphere have never changed since he joined Mindray four years ago. "When I first joined Mindray, where the pace of work is fast, I had to quickly get up to speed on its structure, products, employees and culture, to get a sense of the working style of a Chinese company. “With a well-structured management system in the branch, he is used to working closely with his colleagues to achieve common objectives.

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During the pandemic, Buendia sold 70 ventilators to Secretaría de Salud Jalisco, which distributed these devices to hospitals in the state. A sense of pride and accomplishment is still etched in his mind as his work has helped save many lives. At the same time, the pandemic draws the government's attention to the healthcare system and the improvement in medical devices, which in turn spurs him on to expand Mindray's brand influence and gain a larger market share. "In the wake of the pandemic, the government and the public are acutely aware that life and health are the most valuable assets, so all forms of investment in the medical sector will increase. Going forward, we will face both opportunities and competition. "But he also adds that what drives him and the entire Mexico team is the medical staff's fundamental understanding of and concern for life rather than sales performance and profits.

"What connects me to Mindray is its consistent focus on care. I'm part of a unique team that cares for life. "

Alberto Borrego,
IVD Support Operations Team,
Mindray Mexico

With more than 1.9 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a mortality rate of nearly 10% in Mexico in 2020, Alberto Borrego, a member of the IVD Support Operations Team, remained somberly aware of the impact of the pandemic. Most ordinary Mexicans had to deal with imperfect medical conditions, especially a shortage of hospital beds. The pandemic claimed the lives of so many people, including relatives and friends of Alberto and his colleagues. "During the pandemic, I visited a client hospital, hoping to send timely help to them, while deeply concerned about the severe situation on the front line. "In such a challenging period, he felt more responsibility as a medical worker and saw the tangible impact of his efforts. The values consistently upheld by the Mexican team, such as trust with customers, respect for life and resilience to rise to the occasion, shone through in the pandemic.

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image 1 to image 3: Buendia and his team are explaining how to operate devices at a Mexican hospital during the COVID-19 outbreak