Trust from Indonesia,
A Country of Thousands of Islands

Dr. Li Wenzheng,
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lippo Group


The republic of Indonesia, "Indonesia" for short, is a "country of thousands of islands" in Southeast Asia. It’s home to over 17,000 islands, making it the largest archipelagic country in the world. At the same time, it is the world's 4th-most populous country with a population of over 260 million people. Numerous islands and a huge population create a diverse landscape in Indonesia, however, they also result in uneven distribution of resources for local medical construction. Dr. Li Wenzheng, a renowned Indonesian entrepreneur, Founder of Lippo Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lippo Group, has a deep insight into the social issues in Indonesia. (Lippo) The business tycoon, who was once a major player in Indonesia's financial sector, has gradually invested his accumulated wealth in medical education. And the story of Mindray standing out from so many European and American brands still remains fresh in Dr. Li's mind.

"China already had the capability to manufacture high-quality medical devices,
so why not try Mindray? "

Holding a great concern for the Indonesian society and people, Dr. Li has gradually turned the Lippo Group's subsidiary, Siloam International Hospitals, into the largest Indonesian hospital operating company running over 25 hospitals. Dr. Li is committed to building Siloam International Hospitals into a powerful local medical service team through modern management methods, with a goal to provide high-quality medical services to more than two million Indonesians. Dr. Li once mentioned that Siloam International Hospitals will provide benchmarked services against "Singapore Airlines" and affordable charges like "McDonald's."In the future, he intends to establish more hospitals in Indonesia.

Dr. Li's original aspirations on entering the medical industry and hospital operating philosophy coincide with Mindray's. Mindray's mission is "popularizing high-end technology to let more people share quality life care." As early as 2001, Mindray approached the Indonesian market, providing medical devices and services to all levels of local medical institutions. Through nearly 20 years of efforts, Mindray has successfully assisted local medical institutions in building more than 300 emerging departments, with its devices and services reaching 60% of the population throughout Indonesia.

image 1: The bookshelves in Dr. Li Wenzheng‘s office are full of books and trophies

The cooperation between Mindray and Siloam International Hospitals began in 2010. At that time, Mindray had to enter private hospital groups if it was to have a big presence in the Indonesian market, however, the doctors at Siloam International Hospitals, the then leading private hospital group in Indonesia, tended to use European and American brands of medical devices. They were very resistant to Mindray from China, as they stereotyped that Chinese medical devices were not reliable.

However, Dr. Li put forward a different view that the quality of Mindray's devices should only be judged by their actual efficacy rather than subjective assumptions. The visits to China told Dr. Li that many medical devices of well-known European and American brands were in fact manufactured in China. Since China already had the capability to manufacture high-quality medical devices, why not try Mindray?

With Mr. Li's strong support and the joint efforts of Mindray Group and the team of Siloam International Hospitals, Mindray's medical devices were successfully installed in the first hospital of Siloam International Hospitals in 2011. Soon, Mindray won much appreciation from doctors and surprised its competitors with impressive product quality and fast after-sales response. Since then, Mindray products have quickly entered Lippo Group's hospitals, and soon became the first choice for major private hospital groups in the Indonesian market. Mindray medical solutions are currently found in the operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, and other core departments of hospitals of Siloam International Hospitals.

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The key to winning the trust of the doctors at Siloam International Hospitals is the deep insight into the exact needs of medical staff. The head of the operating room at Siloam International Hospitals said that the importance of the cooperation of the entire operating team is self-evident, but the significance of medical devices should never be underestimated. Endeavoring to make innovations in customer needs, Mindray medical solutions impressed local medical staff. "Medical devices in the operating room must be easy to use, and Mindray operating room solutions are a perfect choice." said head of the operating room at Siloam International Hospitals.

And service is also a vital part of the medical solutions. Mindray has set up a local user service team to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. "We have been using Mindray products for a long time, so we cannot be too familiar with its advice and products. And our close contacts with Mindray technicians never leave our problems unsolved," said one of the engineers at Siloam International Hospitals.

In October 2015, the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Mindray subsidiary in Indonesia, Mindray won the IBCA Award in the Indonesian industrial and business community. The award, jointly presented by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Bureau for Human Resources, first went to a Chinese company in Indonesia.

Innovative products, reliable quality, timely services, and relatively low prices made Mindray Medical International Limited a well-known name in the Indonesian market. Ten years later, Dr. Li again commented on Mindray, "Mindray has helped Indonesian medical organizations improve operational efficiency, enhance service quality, and reduce operating costs, allowing customers to truly receive more value from Chinese brands. "

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image 2 to image 4: Mindray visiting Siloam International Hospitals in 2017