Welcome to Shenzhen!
– Three Expatriates at Mindray Shenzhen HQ

Abdinur Hassan

Naeyoung "Ariana" Jang

Elena Piatkova


A China Boy from Somalia

Abdinur Hassan,
Clinical Application Specialist

"The first time I saw the Mindray logo was in a small town in Somalia. "

Abdinur Hassan, a Somali boy who recently graduated from a Dalian University with a Master's degree in Medicine, has recently joined Mindray via the campus recruitments channel, to work as an International Clinical Applications Specialist.

This wasn't Hassan's first job. During his time on campus, Hassan joined a humanitarian agency in his hometown that provided medical aid to economically disadvantaged and displaced people. It was in a local hospital that Hassan had his first contact with Mindray devices though, back then, he did not know that Mindray was a Chinese company.

As a matter of fact, Hassan's first acquaintance with China took place even earlier. In 2011, Hassan came to Dalian, China, to pursue his dreams of furthering his studies, nearly 14,000 kilometers away from his hometown. "Before I got to China, I had this idea that everyone was a Kung fu master. I’m a huge fan of China and, when I was a little kid, my buddies used to call me the 'China Boy'." In China, Hassan made new friends. In the lead up to graduation, he was working clinical shifts at a hospital and happened to hear his classmates chatting about Mindray’s recruitment campaigns on the campus. Curious, he decided to attend the event.

"During the Mindray career talks, I learned about Mindray's core mission: 'Advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible.' It reminded me of the Mindray IVD and Ultrasound devices I had seen in my hometown hospital. Those devices have proved to be highly efficient and cost-effective, bringing huge benefits to the common healthcare of some remote regions. It was at that moment that I got to know that Mindray was one of leaders in the medical device industry of China." As one of 60 applicants, Hassan treasured this opportunity very much and even asked a friend to add some Chinese words to his resume. After a run of several of interviews plus a three-day workshop session, he finally received an offer from Mindray.

It’s been non-stop for Hassan lately. He is currently responsible for business across Africa and the Middle East Region. His work includes offering clinical application training programs to distributors and overseas agents as well as providing technical and clinical supports to global sales teams. During his first few months at Mindray, Hassan attended company training sessions as well as having one-to-one training arranged by his departmental mentor. During this induction period, Hassan also assisted his team in preparing product introductions and laying out the demo room ready for device demonstrations. “I really feel like I’m changing, becoming more mature and experienced. Actually, I can now introduce many different items in classic Mindray styles with more confidence. "

In his leisure time, Hassan likes to play football and climb mountains which, in his words, are encompassed by his life’s motto: "Work hard, play hard". Hassan has joined Mindray football team, luckily a championship team. In the finals, he and his teammates won the championship trophy.

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To Hassan, a boy from a small East African town, the heavy traffic and fast pace of life in Shenzhen was, sometimes, bewildering. But every weekend, he likes to explore his surroundings, going hiking, or taking a bus to the various districts of the city and interacting with the people there, in a way to get a closer look at life across the whole of the city. "Everything is so much better than I imagined. I thought I would feel aliened for the rest of my life here, but now I already think of China as my second home."

image 1, image 2: Hassan and his Mindray soccer teammates won a match

Starting an "interesting" life

Naeyoung "Ariana" Jang,
Clinical Application Specialist

Ariana is from Mokpo, a coastal city in South Korea, "It's a small city, kind of like old Shenzhen in some sense", Ariana told us, as she pointed out her hometown on a map. Before relocating to Shenzhen, she studied in Seoul, and later worked in the ultrasound field for nearly ten years, volunteering in Latin America for over two years. In order to find a "more interesting job", Ariana came to China in 2017 and joined Mindray to embark on her new life and career.

For Ariana, the concept of “interesting” was a vague idea at first. While working in the ultrasound field, she came into contact with the ultrasound systems developed by Mindray, so she was able to learn about the company. She discovered that this "interesting" company showed an "interesting" growth rate; and it presented her with a broad vision of an "interesting" Chinese medical device market, as well as the potentials to unlock more opportunities for her own professional development. At that time, Mindray was recruiting international talents for its global markets — the timing was perfect for Ariana to submit her application. After screening and interviews, she was successful in joining Mindray.

At Mindray, Ariana was initially responsible for clinical applications of ultrasound systems, mainly supporting the global marketing and sales teams. Later, she becomes more involved in the development of new ultrasound systems, which includes gathering market feedback to improve system quality. As Ariana said, she has gained a lot of confidence through her work with Mindray, "For instance, if I wanted to work on clinical materials, I would come up against a lot of obstacles, and it would be especially difficult to apply for project budgets in a Korean company, but at Mindray, your manager would just say, 'Sure, go ahead! I’ll back you.' They never said 'no way' to me."

While experiencing immersive Chinese corporate culture, Ariana also started her Chinese language course, “My colleagues all speak excellent English, so communication is not a problem, but I’ve come to realize that it’s hard to improve my Chinese at work. This year, as I don’t have much chance to travel, I know it’s a really good time for me to learn Chinese. "

image 3: Ariana was spending Christmas in Shenzhen

Special time, special team

Elena Piatkova,
Marketing Specialist

Elena is from Yekaterinburg, Russia. She previously worked as a doctor for seven years. In 2019 she joined Mindray, and is now a Marketing Specialist, responsible for Mindray Medical Imaging products.

Elena's work at Mindray mainly covers developing product-training programs for CIS regional markets which include Russia and Ukraine. "Since joining Mindray, I do my best to study the products, the sales, the company’s clinical values, and more details related. I’m grateful to my teammates, who are always there to share their knowledge with me. "Elena mentions. Despite the daily challenges they encounter in their work, she enjoys the friendly atmosphere of her team. "The COVID-19 pandemic is really a big challenge for us. Last year, in the period from February to May, we were fully occupied by works. Due to the 5-hour time difference between China and Russia, we often had to start early in the morning and keep busy until 11 or 12pm at late night. Since my team works very closely together, everyone does their bits with best efforts. "

When asked about her relationships with her colleagues, Elena said that sometimes they had less common topics due to diverse cultural backgrounds. “It is also a challenge, but I really like this company. I like the people here, and my Chinese team is fantastic. I love this place for all the good reasons. "

image 4: Elena visited Window of the World in Shenzhen