Work Hard Play Hard
– Highlights of the Mindray Clubs


The life of Mindray employees after work is more exciting than you think!

Mindray Climbing and Hiking Club

"In 2011-2012, Mindray encouraged employees to start hobby clubs, so I started Mindray Climbing and Hiking Club together with several colleagues who enjoy mountain climbing and hiking. Our club hosts various events every year, including mountain climbing, hiking, river trekking, coastal hiking, and advanced-level mountain hiking. These events offer a great opportunity for club members to take exercise, relieve stress, and share their knowledge of nature and the great outdoors. For nature lovers, these activities are great fun. They're also a good chance to get to know colleagues. In some cases, we may travel far from work and have to take a coach. We often play games together during the journey and there's always a lot of laughs. "

Liang Dongsheng,
President of Mindray Climbing and Hiking Club
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image 1, image 2: Mindray Climbing and Hiking Club hosts hiking trips in the countryside

Mindray Happy Running Club

" 'Happy running. Run for fun.' is the motto of Mindray Happy Running Club. This club is committed to encouraging more employees to start running: running to celebrate life, and running to boost their happiness. Members of Mindray Happy Running Club participated in the 40km Relay Race held in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Shenzhen SEZ. In Shenzhen, the ‘City of Innovation’, countless people are striving to make their dreams a reality. In Mindray, many 'happy runners' are also striving to bring about innovations and success, developing from a ’follower’ to a ’leader’ alongside the development of Shenzhen SEZ.”

Pan Li,
Member of Mindray Happy Running Club
image 3: Happy Running Club attending a marathon competition in Shenzhen

Mindray Cycling Club

"A tree so huge you can barely get your arms around it grows from a tiny shoot. A nine-story tower block begins as a heap of stones. A thousand mile journey begins with your feet and the tires on your bicycle. We are cyclists."

"One afternoon in 2010, I was talking to my colleagues about how to lose weight and someone suggested joining the cycling club. I love the idea of commuting by bike as I can exercise on my way to and from work. I also actively participate in the activities run by the club. I remember we once rode from work to Songshan Lake. That's a wonderful memory, although my arms got pretty tanned as I didn't think to cover them up while I was cycling. "

Ji Wenqiang,
Member of Mindray Cycling Club
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image 4, image 5: Mindray Cycling Club hosts cycling tours through the countryside

Mindray Tennis Club

"I've been a big tennis fan for a long time. I once went to France and saw Li Na win the women's final at the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium. I was invited by a colleague to join Mindray Tennis Club. The club hosts weekly events, where we can play or compete with other members. We also organize professional coaching sessions occasionally. We hope more Mindray ladies will join us soon."

Jiang Fan,
Member of Mindray Tennis Club
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image 6, image 7: Mindray Tennis Club hosts evening tennis matches

Mindray Board Game Club

"Board games are a great way to have fun and improve your powers of strategy, reasoning, and logic. After work or at weekends, we often play Werewolf, Guozhan, and Legends of the Three Kingdoms, which require high levels of intelligence and a good knowledge of psychology. The first time I participated in a club event, I felt that there was a great atmosphere, with fun activities and everyone chatting happily. I've been a regular participant ever since. We organized two tournaments in 2018 and 2019 with 16 teams and a 'promotion tournament' in 2020. All the club members had a great time."

Ding Zhongkui,
Member of Mindray Board Game Club
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image 8, image 9: A night of games at the Board Game Club